February 14 - April 1

We invite you to join us as we pray and fast together this Lent from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. Through this fast, we will be seeking God’s will for our church during this season of transition. On Sunday evenings, there will be a dinner where we can share with each other how God has been speaking. The goal of this fast will be to cultivate a focused and sensitive environment in which we can seek clarity from the Holy Spirit about the vision, mission and values of our church, and to build unity as a church body through a corporate discipline.


This will be a 40 day corporate fast from food and alcohol. Participants are encouraged to fast each day of the week from food between sunrise and sunset and from alcohol completely (excluding Sundays). After sunset, participants are encouraged to eat healthily and simply, keeping within the spirit of the fasting season. Please let us know you are joining us on this fast by signing up below.


Without prayer, fasting is just a diet - and a bad one at that! Throughout Lent, participants are encouraged to read Scripture in accordance with the Year of Biblical Literacy and pray intentionally for our community, neighborhood and direction of our church.  If during the fast you feel that you have received insight or encouragement from the Lord, please share this information with our leadership!


On Sundays we will be able to "break fast" as a church and share in meals together. Members of our congregation will be hosting dinners on Sunday evenings for fellowship, celebration, and sharing whatever insights you may have through fasting this season. You can RSVP by clicking below.


This fast should be challenging for us, however, this structure should be considered only as a guideline and modifiable according to individual preference and health considerations – such as choosing to fast one day a week or one meal each day. When considering whether to participate, you should consider first what type of fast will help you cultivate a season of spiritual sensitivity.  This requires that each person consider the condition of his or her heart and body.