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This year's Christmas Offering will enable us to enhance the impact we can make as WE BELIEVE. The thing about Trinity Grace East Village is we’ve always been a people for the good of our neighborhood, city and world – it’s never been about just us!  Our mission has always been to join God in the renewal of all things. This means our partnerships with local ministries like A House On Beekman or city agencies like Project Renewal will continue to grow and serve well and we can continue to host ALPHA groups so skeptics can continue to ask deep questions about Jesus and journey toward faith. It also means we can reach into the world through IJM, Many Hopes or Preemptive Love with deeper impact and greater renewal!

Local + Global Partners

  • Many Hopes

  • Project Renewal

  • LES Pastors Collaborative

  • International Justice Mission

  • Preemptive Love Coalition


The second part of this year’s Christmas Offering will strengthen our congregation as we look to our future as we build on a strong foundation for our future.

This part of the Christmas offering will help establish our own justice, mercy and deacon’s funds, establish new ministries, strengthen our foundation and build appropriate reserves to ensure we can continue to share the love and hope of Jesus well into the future. We dream about planting more churches and being better neighbors in the East Village - but in order to do that, we must be ready to seize this opportunity.

The Deacons’ Fund provides support for people in our church community who are going through a particularly difficult time, offering not only crisis care, but the type of holistic support that contributes to living a sustainable life amidst the daily trials of urban living.  Whether it’s providing groceries or a MetroCard, or helping with unexpected medical bills, this ministry enables us to steward our collective resources to ensure that there are no needy among us.

The Justice Fund is an integral part of our commitment to confronting injustice in our city and across the world, seeking to address the systems and circumstances that keep people at the margins. Through this, we are not only extending mercy but also affirming the dignity of every human being and advocating for the disadvantaged that they might have the opportunity to flourish. 

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$29,452/ $40,000


To contribute to the Christmas Offering, click below and choose the fund Christmas Offering.

You may also give by mail or in person at a gathering - just mark your check “Christmas Offering.” Thank you for your generosity!